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Newsletter June 2017

Antony Kok, Nelly en Theo van Doesburg

This year it is exactly 100 years ago that De Stijl was founded. The fact that this movement's 'incubation period' took place in Tilburg is not widely known. At that time Theo van Doesburg organized, with his wife Nelly and the Tilburger Antony Kok, exciting afternoons (matinées intimes) involving music, poetry, dance and conversations.
DeStijl@Tilburg is now continuing this tradition at De Pont. Esther Porcelijn will be welcoming a range of guests, including De Stijl expert Alied Ottevanger, the biographer (and niece) of Nelly van Doesburg, Wies van Moorsel, as well as the artist/philosopher Loek Grootjans. The afternoon will have a Dadaist character due to performances by Ambre & Antoine and sound poet ACG Vianen.
This activity will moreover be taking place as the conclusion to the National Museum Week. During the entire weekend of 8 and 9 April, admission to De Pont will be free! 


matinée intime
Sunday 9 april


"Fiona Tan has succeeded in making an original film about the most frequently photographed and filmed mountain in the world, Mount Fuji. She makes beautiful use of hundreds of existing images, full of clichés. (...) That montage of vacation snapshots, postcards and professional photography has become a monument in itself. Particularly due to this: Tan has, despite or precisely because of that motley abundance of photographs, affirmed Mount Fuji's indomitable character. With or without kitschy blossoms, in bright sunlight, set against a red-orange evening sky, in fog, reflected in water - the mountain as a platonic idea: subject to all sorts of conditions and adopting every possible outward appearance, it nonetheless remains the same magical mountain time and again." **** de Volkskrant read more 

Fiona Tan

until 11 June

In the work of the British artist Fiona Banner, who was nominated for the prestigious Turner Prize in 2002, oppositions play a significant role. This pertains to the relationship between words and images, man and machines, and between the physical world and the virtual one. Her work consists of sculpture, drawings, video installations, performances, posters and books. Come and be surprised by the exhibition Runway (AW17), Banner's first major presentation in the Netherlands. read more 

Fiona Banner

Runway (AW17)
29 Apr - 27 Aug 2017

Once again in the podium space, an unusual collaborative project by two artists. Jeroen Doorenweerd (Terneuzen, 1962) is an old friend of the museum. In 1993 he carried out the very first project in De Pont's garden, still quite bare at that time. His then five-year-old son Mischa (Tilburg, 1988) played on the duckboards, flights of steps and look-out posts that he had placed in the garden. Within a short period of time, Mischa has proved himself to be an artist with an idiosyncratic view of the world, which he presents to others in images and installations. Now, as artists of equal standing, father and son are jointly exhibiting in the podium space. read more  

Doorenweerd & Doorenweerd

The Holy Spirit
8 Apr - 2 July 2017


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