Tim Breukers & Andreas Arndt

The First Stone

3 Sept - 30 Oct 2016

After Tim Breukers had been invited by De Pont to hold an exhibition that would be the first in a new series of collaborative projects, his older colleague Toon Verhoef put him in touch with the Swedish artist Andreas Arndt. Both Breukers (Breda, 1985) and Arndt (Karlstadt, 1983) moved to Amsterdam following their undergraduate training. Breukers participated in the program of the Rijksakademie from 2013 to 2014, and Arndt in that of De Ateliers from 2011 to 2013.

(..) "In bringing these two artists together De Pont has expanded its program of showcasing exceptional talent from the region by breaking open the format of a solo exhibition in order to initiate a dialogue and cooperation leading to unforeseen territory. The artists had not met previously, did not know each other or each other's work, they speak different languages and were educated in different parts of the world. Their work is highly individual and distinct, and there are no apparent similarities in their practice. And so they were invited to work together on an exhibition in the expectation that their open and spirited attitude would bring about something unexpected, beyond the usual and often reductive premise and terminology of generation, trend or theme.

Both artists have been asked to work within the context of a great European cultural institution. People come together in Tilburg at the De Pont museum because they believe in the perpetuity of art, ideas and the imagination, just like those who worked in Ravenna, Luxor or Würzburg – in new situations, often in out –of –the-way places, which offer the possibility of doing something new, singular and forward looking. What they have done is what artists have done through the ages: looked at and reimagined the world with wonder and trepidation."

Toon Verhoef

The works of Tim Breukers in the exhibition were realized with financial support of the Mondriaan Fund.