Loek Grootjans

Vincent’s Asylum

through 17 July 2016

Artist and philosopher Loek Grootjans (Arnemuiden, 1955) has created an asylum for Vincent van Gogh in the shape of a pavilion, exhibiting various traces of the painter gathered over time. 

After leaving Zundert, Van Gogh roamed around in The Netherlands, England, Belgium and France and has never found a true home again. Grootjans therefore built an asylum for him. Over the past few years, Grootjans collected all kinds of traces from Van Gogh. He went to the Provence, for example, to take samples of the surroundings where Van Gogh used to paint. In Zundert, he bottled water at the house where Van Gogh was born. Vincent’s Asylum presents these samples together with extraordinary stories shedding a new light on Van Gogh’s heritage.

Earlier this year displayed in Zundert, Vincent’s Asylum will travel to various museums along the European Van Gogh route. Following its exhibition at De Pont museum, it will continue its journey to the S.M.A.K. (Gent) and the Kröller-Müller Museum (Otterlo).