Jeroen Doorenweerd's garden

May 1993 - 25 Sept 1994

“Doorenweerd’s work does not intrude on the surrounding space as an ‘artistic element’ but subtly reinforces one’s perception of the reality particular to its environment… His constructions, handcrafted from readily available building materials, also have an apparently “normal” function, so that one can easily pass them by. This is a quality that Doorenweerd himself calls “blind” - the intentional invisibility of the work as a work of art. And other than one would expect from the minimal form, the true affinity of Doorenweerd’s art lies closer to those artists who explore the unreality of the “non-landscape”. Think, for example, of the photographs of Bustamante, focused on the nameless shrubs growing between large buildings, or of the Jeff Wall photos that show people in the surroundings of even more unsubstantial areas at the edge of the city.”