Fiona Tan

Act 1, film- and videoworks

25 Jan - 11 May 2003
work in collection

In the early part of 2003 De Pont will be presenting Act 1, an exhibition of work by Fiona Tan. Including more than ten film and video works from the past five years, this is her first large museum exhibition to be held in the Netherlands. The exhibition constitutes a sequel to De Pont’s 1999 acquisition and presentation of the video installation Roll I & II. Act 1 has been organized by De Pont and was shown at Villa Arson, in Nice, during the autumn of 2002. During the summer of 2003, it will be on view at the DAAD gallery in Berlin. The exhibition is accompanied by an extensive publication, which includes essays by Beatrice von Bismarck and Els Hoek as well as a text by the artist herself. The book is available in four languages.