James Turrell

Los Angeles USA 1943, lives and works in Flagstaff, Arizona

Wedgework III
installation with fluorescent light
space 3,65 x 12,30 x 10 m

Many works of James Turrell deal with the complexity of perceiving light. Wedgework III is no exception to this. On entering the installation by way of a dark passage, one sees a volume of fluorescent violet light. It is as though the immaterial light has assumed a tangible shape. The source of light remains out of view; one sees only the projection. It does not illuminate an object; it has become an object. James Turrell is not only an artist, but also a pilot. His observations from the cockpit are an important source of inspiration: the changes in light and color that take place with a change of course at twilight, or the influence of fluctuating weather conditions on one’s perception of space. ‘The color changes as the light glides by. You can know things without touching them, without handling with them, even without being there. You can feel things with your eyes. Observation is much closer to thought than words are.’