Marc Mulders

Tilburg NL 1958, lives and works in Oirschot

Ground in Christ II
oil on canvas
180 x 221 cm
long-term loan 1992

The oeuvre of Marc Mulders is determined by what may very well be the great theme in the history of art: the endless cycle of life and death. The expression of living and dying, death and resurrection, has long held a central place in Western painting, and Marc Mulders has deliberately situated himself in the midst of that tradition. In series of paintings he develops these themes and explores their pictorial potential. His way of doing this is by no means objective or purely observational, but extremely engaged and charged with meaning. Painting is a form of immersion for Mulders, and his expressive, thickly painted canvases are the results of his grappling with the subjects as well as with the matter into which he transforms them. For his ultimate concern is that the cycle of life and death continues in the painting: that the paint, as dead matter, becomes a living image.