Anish Kapoor

Bombay India 1954, lives and works in London

When I am Pregnant
wall with plaster form
varying dimensions

It is astonishing how Anish Kapoor manages to make the act of observation such an intense experience. Matter appears and disappears, and the distinctions between reality and illusion, being and not being, are obscured. In recent years Kapoor seems to be in the process of transforming his themes once again. Rather than working with materials that absorb light, he is now using surfaces that are transparent or reflect light. The works are chromed, are made of polished aluminum, of alabaster, or are purely and radiantly white. The interaction of light and dark continues to intensify the perceptual experience. This can also be said with respect to When I am Pregnant, a work which has been a part of our collection since Kapoor’s exhibition at De Pont in 1995. From a frontal perspective and in broad daylight, the protrusion of the wall is barely visible. But when seen from the side, the full magnitude of the sensual and suggestive form becomes apparent.