Angela Bulloch

Rainy River, Ontario Canada 1966, lives/works in Berlin/Londen

Night Sky: Saturn North from Earth
animated LED installation, felt, black aluminum frame, DMX controller unit
327 x 327 cm

The work of Angela Bulloch is complex and varied, but behind her work’s diversity of form, technique and presentation, there always lies a focused concern for public structures and social systems. In her work participation and cooperation play a role in a different way as well: when developing and carrying out many projects, she works together with designers, technicians and DJs. Here her concern is not only the added expertise but also the relativeness of the artist’s own originality. This work is related to her Pixel Boxes, wooden or aluminum cubes, of which one side consists of a plexiglas screen. The screens light up alternately, each with a different monochrome color surface. The color images are actually the smallest digital pixels taken from existing film and video material. Just as in the case of Night Sky these are hypnotic and inescapable installations that sometimes include sound. In 2009 Bulloch inserted a Night Sky into the oculus of the Guggenheim Museum's rotunda.