Isaac Julien

London UK 1960, lives and works in London

Isaac Julien directed a number of notable documentaries in which fiction and reality are used in tandem, before making a ‘real’ feature film in 1991 in the form of Young Soul Rebels, which immediately won the Semaine de la Critique award in Cannes. In 1996, Julien discovered the exhibition space as a possibility to present film in a different way. Since then he has gradually developed more ‘architectural’ installations, in which he not only uses several screens, but the screens have become increasingly separated in the space.

In 2010, Julien completed the nine-part multi-screen film installation Ten Thousand Waves, of which De Pont acquired the single screen version. The old and the new Shanghai are brought together in this dynamic film essay, with the celebrated Chinese actress Maggie Cheung in the leading role. As in an experimental novel by James Joyce, the fragmentation of the story results in an entirely different perception of reality.