House rules

Please keep your entrance tickets with you, our guards can ask you to show these. If you cannot present them we are entitled to ask you to leave the building.

Artworks are vulnerable and we must do our best to avoid risks. We therefore ask that you leave backpacks, also those for carrying babies, umbrellas and packages larger than 40 x 30 cm in the cloakroom. Coats, when carried over the arm, are not permitted. Free lockers are available for storage of personal possessions.

Obviously, the works of art are not to be touched. Many of them are made of fragile materials. For considerations of safety, please keep 1 meter distance from them.

Extra responsibility is required of parents or those accompanying young children. Prevent them from running through the museum. Strollers can be used, however only when pushed by an adult and only when one keeps a distance of at least 1 meter from the works of art. In certain cases the museum may find it necessary to limit the use of strollers and wheelchairs.

Smoking is prohibited throughout the museum building.


It is advisable to give prior notice of a group visit. This can prevent delay at the entrance or in the restaurant. Those who escort groups are expected to inform participants of the museum rules.

The teachers and supervisors of school groups are responsible for proper conduct. For every fifteen pupils, at least one supervisor should be present.

Photography for personal purposes is permitted in the museum only with your smartphone. Professional photographers are asked to make prior arrangements via our office.

Visitors are liable for the costs of any damage incurred on purpose or by not following our house rules or special directives.

The galleries are also supervised with camera's. The museum can keep the footage and use it as evidence when the house rules have been violated.

Due to safety regulations, the instructions of the museum’s security personnel must be carried out by those present.