Museum De Pont

Newsletter March 2017

click on the photo to see an animation, made by Paul Moggré from AKV|St. Joost

For our twenty-fifth anniversary we've asked five Dutch artists, represented in our collection, each to produce an edition of twenty-five works exclusively for De Pont. From February through June, an edition by one artist will be presented. Each work, frame included, can be purchased for €500,-.
This month we present the multiple by Toon Verhoef!

As of now you can sign up, via this e-mail address, for a chance to acquire a work from this edition. Please note: lots will be drawn if more than twenty-five people sign up. Should you be among the lucky ones, your purchase must be picked up as of 25 February (but within one month!) during the opening hours at De Pont. Payment can be made at that moment. Works that are not picked up within the given time will be made available to the next person on the list.
On the 25th of the month, the edition will also be hung in the Salon of the new museum café, where a video about the creative process will be shown as well. From that day on, the framed and packed works will be ready to be picked up at the museum by the twenty-five art lovers who will be taking home a lasting memory of De Pont!


Fiona Tan

11 February - 11 June

The internationally prize-winning artist Fiona Tan (Indonesia, 1966) is a good friend of De Pont, where she had her first major exhibition in the Netherlands in 2003 and is now represented in the collection with a broad range of work. For her second exhibition in Tilburg, the museum's recently opened new wing has been transformed into an actual movie theater. Being shown here is the feature-length film Ascent, which Tan compiled as a montage of more than 4000 photographs of Mount Fuji, which were provided by the public or selected from the collection of the Izu Photo Museum in Japan. No mountain has been photographed as frequently as Mount Fuji: from all sides, from a close proximity, from a distance and from above, at every moment of the day and in every season. Venerated as a god and used as a symbol of the nation-state Japan, the volcano has mythical meaning. Mount Fuji is both an icon and a cliché, in roughly the same way that windmills and wooden shoes have this status with respect to the Netherlands. read more

Eylem Aladogan

The Arch of Belief
21 January - 26 March

"In 2011 she saw, while visiting Yosemite Park in California, a rock face marked by a deep chasm. It seemed 'as though the hand of God had chopped into it with a giant axe.' Inspired by Yosemite and by Icelandic rock formations, she created a ceramic/bronze sculpture that is being shown at De Pont, along with 'found footage' which is meant to provide the tall sculpture with an added level of meaning... Should be successful, since Eylem Aladogan is hero who keeps on picking away at what ordinary people are accustomed to accepting as reality." Vrij Nederland read more

Callum Innes

I'll Close My Eyes
through 26 February

"The dense surface of orange is painted compactly, with even horizontal brushstrokes. The color has a weight, making the surface also have the appearance of a block - all the more because the grey, beneath that, has been painted vertically with highly diluted oil paint and seems to be dropping downwards. The grey trembles more. Looking at such a work requires focus and especially patience. There is nothing to understand. The movement of paint and color, back and forth, on a surface can simply be seen. That seeing is what it's about." Rudi Fuchs on Callum Innes in De Groene Amsterdammer. read more

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