Museum De Pont

Newsletter January 2017


Twenty-five years ago, De Pont opened its doors. We’ll be celebrating that extensively in 2017!

Saturday 12 September 1992: Royal Commissioner Frank Houben and chairman Jos de Pont open the museum (via the backdoor!).

Although our official anniversary isn’t until September, numerous special events and activities will already be taking place before then. Looking back at the past twenty-five years means, above all, holding a reunion with the artists with whom De Pont has developed close relationships. That connection is of inestimable value to us. We will therefore be celebrating this jubilee with them and, of course, with our visitors. We have asked five artists, represented in our collection, each to produce an edition of twenty-five works exclusively for De Pont in 2017. These artists are Toon Verhoef, Charlotte Dumas, Marc Mulders, Marien Schouten and Reinoud van Vught. The painters among them have, in fact, decided to create a series of twenty-five unique works of art! From February through June, an edition by an artist will be presented on the 25th of each month. The edition can be purchased for 500 euros. This allows our visitors to take part in the celebration and bring a bit of De Pont into their homes. In the February newsletter, more information on how to acquire these editions will be provided.


David Claerbout

through 29 January

The David Claerbout exhibition, which has had many visitors and great reviews, will be closing at the end of this month. Still time to come and have a look! But we won’t have to miss everything after 29 January, since De Pont has acquired various drawings and the video works KING and Olympia, which will surely be put on display frequently. read more

Callum Innes

I'll Close My Eyes
through 26 February

“The work of Callum Innes is the type of art that should preferably be seen in great quantities, and De Pont offers that possibility. The exhibition combines his early oilpaper drawings from the 1980s and watercolors from the 90s. These constitute an ode to color, with a single surface of this, or two that merge. Hanging among them are more recent paintings, some with indigo. Those are compositions of two, three, at most five surfaces. They might have a certain spirituality, or they might not. It’s just paint of course.” Sandra Smets in NRC Handelsblad gives the exhibition a rating of four out of five points. read more

Eylem Aladogan

The Arch of Belief
21 January - 26 March

Even before her exhibition at De Pont has started, Eylem Aladogan has had considerable attention in the media. Everyone is curious about the gigantic sculpture that the artist has been producing at the European Ceramic Work Centre (EKWC) in Oisterwijk over the past few months. Come to the opening on 21 January, from 3 to 5 pm, and be among the first to have a look at it! read more

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