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Newsletter January 2016

[Translate to Engels:] Opening Roni Horn 
saturday the 23th of January 15.00 pm



In this exhibition the accent lies with work from the past ten years: her monumental sculptures of glass, photograhic works and recent series of drawings. Through the addition of drwaings and photographs from the 1980s and 90s, the visitor nonetheless has a fairly broad view of her oeuvre. 


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[Translate to Engels:] Mark Wallinger
Race, Class, Sex a special loan


Special loans of work are frequently on view at De Pont. Usually these are ‘reciprocations’ for major work lent from our own collection. The most recent loan, to be on view until January 2017, comes from a private collection. It consists of four large paintings (each 230 x 300 cm), life-size depictions of racehorses, entirely (but not quite) consistent with the English tradition of animal portraiture. 


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[Translate to Engels:] Kees de Goede

The oeuvre of Kees de Goede is not a succession of separate incidents; it has developed by means of series, through which De Goede manages to create great dynamics despite the confinement to a number of visual elements. In the stylization of his forms (which often hover between the geometric and the organic) and in the precise development of materials and color, one can see a constructive way of working. Each work is the result of meticulous considerations. Till the 31st of January it is possible to view his work in context. 


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