Museum De Pont

Newsletter February 2016

Roni Horn 
through 9 May 2016

"Due to the optimal use of daylight alone, the immense pieces of glass seem to give off light. They keep on changing color and give alternating impressions of weight and weightlessness, softness and hardness, transparency and opaqueness. Mysterious depths in magnificent hues, like solidified water." Riki Simons in Elsevier

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Kees de Goede
extended through 28 February

His round paintings evoke an intense feeling of calm and space. They bring to mind the universe, with its stars and planets, being physically present yet distant and intangible. An indefinable realm in which the real and the imagined worlds merge imperceptibly.

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Major gift for De Pont

Willem de Kooning, Untitled XV, 1981


By way of this gift, the generous donor, Mrs. IJ.S.W. de Wilde-Reinhold wishes to express her appreciation of the museum in Tilburg.

Her husband, the former director of Amsterdam's Stedelijk Museum Edy de Wilde who died in 2005, served on De Pont's board for more than ten years, as of the museum's founding in 1989.

Both Mrs. De Wilde-Reinhold and her husband had a strong connection with the museum, and she particularly values the ongoing interest that De Pont shows for painting. With the work by De Kooning, the museum will be able to provide this with greater depth and character.


Master talk with Wineke Gartz
Thursday 18 February 2016, 3 - 4 pm
free admission for museum visitors

In these talks, which Kunstpodium T is holding in collaboration with De Pont, particpants in the Apprentice/Master project will take part in discussions about what it is to be an artist and life after art school. English will be spoken here.


Concert: Kurkku 'Crush.Crash.'  
Sunday 28 February 2016, 1:30 & 2:30 pm
free admission for museum visitors

In the song cycle crush. crash. by KUrKKU (Evelien van den Broek), everything heard is produced with a single female voice and live electronics, distributed among five speakers. With a Wii game controller, a laptop and foot pedal, Van den Broek distorts and fragments her voice.



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