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Newsletter August 2016


One month away: the opening of our New Wing!

previsualization of David Claerbout's exhibition FUTURE

De Pont's renovation activity cannot have escaped the notice of anyone visiting the museum in the past year. Even so, because the largest part of this expansion has been carried out beyond the visitors' access, many will be surprised. The added space, designed by Benthem Crouwel Architects, amounts to at least 1100 square meters! Certain adaptations are also being made in the museum's existing space. By the end of this month, for instance, the former café will be transformed into a library and expertise center. Much more light will then be cast into the entrance hall and bookshop.

The New Wing will be inaugurated with a major exhibition of work by the Belgian artist David Claerbout.

We look forward to celebrating the official opening with you on
Saturday 3 September, from 3 to 7 pm.

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Joep van Lieshout

through 2 October

Like Jheronimus Bosch, Van Lieshout doesn't shy away from bringing up mankind's awkward aspects. That results in exciting and occasionally disconcerting works of art that remain lodged in one's memory. Don't miss this!

Joep van Lieshout: 'My work is a reflection on society and politics. But it involves no political statements! What I produce is simply a catalyst, as it were: I create intrigue. And accompanying that are all sorts of pleasant and unpleasant things.

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Creyghton & Van Duijnhoven

Hindenburgline Project
through 21 August

Bellum transit, natura manet (war passes, nature remains).
The remnants of war become overgrown and, slowly but surely, vanish into the landscape.

Creyghton & Van Duijnhoven regard their Hindenburg Line Project as an ode to the resilience of man and nature. Creyghton's photographs and Van Duijnhoven's texts focus on the capacity for self-cleansing as a great force of time and nature. Here's another exhibition that you won't want to have missed!

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Work by Bill Viola to Travel

De Pont frequently lends artworks to exhibitions held elsewhere. In the previous newsletter we reported on our Sigmar Polke, which can be seen hanging at Venice's Palazzo Grassi, in the honorary gallery, until 6 November.

For Bill Viola enthusiasts we wish to mention that his work The Greeting will be on loan, and therefore not on view at De Pont, as of 10 October. Not to worry, however: another much-loved work of his, Catherine's Room, will soon be back again. Shown above is an image of one of the five screens that make up the work.

More to come

Tim Breukers & Andreas Arndt
The First Stone
3 Sept - 30 Oct 2016

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Callum Innes
I’ll Close My Eyes
15 Oct 2016 - 26 Feb 2017

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